The paddle type SPDT WFS series are designed to provide excellent

performance where accuracy, reliability, and rugged construction are

required used in liquid flow lines carrying water or any fluid neither

harmful to brass and prosphor bronze nor classified as a hazardous


They can be wired to close one circuit and open a second circuit when

liquid flow either exceeds or drops below the adjusted flow rate.

The WFS series are recommended for liquid pressure and temperature

as mentioned below and must not be used on lines carrying liquids

below 0ÞC.

These series may be used on liquids with high salt or chlorine content

but is not for use in hazardous atmospheres.

They may be also used outdoors but must be protected from weather or

splashing water.

All series WFS flow switches are designed for use only as operating


Where an operating control failure would result in personal injury

and/or loss of property, it is the responsibility of user to add safety

devices that protect against, or supervisory systems that warn of control


Operating Pressure

10kgf/cm² (1000KPa)

Withstand Pressure

17.5Kgf/cm² (91750KPa)

Insulation Resistence

Over 100, DC500VM

Withstand Voltage


Contact Point Life

1000K Cycle

Bellows Life

500K Cycle

Temperature of Fluid

Max 100°C (212°F)


室内型湿度感测器 HT3C20

室内型温湿度感测器 HT3C21

风管型湿度感测器 HT3C30

风管型温湿度感测器 HT3C31

外气型湿度感测器 HT3C80

外气型温湿度感测器 HT3C81

室内型温度感测器 T72C1

风管型温度感测器 T73C1

水管型温度感测器 T74C1

外气型温度感测器 T78C1

室内型温度感测器 T72K

风管型温度感测器 T73K

水管型温度感测器 T74K

水管型温度感测器 VF20T

室内型温湿度感测器 HT3C2K

室内型温湿度感测器 HT3C3K 


霍尼韦尔Q7055C1009/U,Q7055C1017/U楼宇自控网络控制器主要用于霍尼韦尔SymmetrE EXCEL5000楼宇自控系统,属于楼宇自控系统的核心重要设备,在网络通讯过程中,起承上启下的作用,与以下常规霍尼韦尔产品搭配共同组成完整的楼宇自控系统:

T9275A1002               温度控制器

WFS-1001-H              水流开关

V5011P1004               DN25螺纹二通水阀

V5011P1012               DN32螺纹二通水阀

V5011P1020               DN40螺纹二通水阀

V5011P1038               DN50螺纹二通水阀

V5011N2048/U           DN15螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5011N2055/U           DN20螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5011P2036               DN25螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5011P2002               DN32螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5011P2010               DN40螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5011P2028               DN50螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5211F1004               DN65螺纹二通水阀

V5211F1012               DN80螺纹二通水阀

V5211F2002               DN65螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5211F2010               DN80螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5013P1002               DN32螺纹三通水阀

V5013P1010               DN40螺纹三通水阀

V5013P1028               DN50螺纹三通水阀

V5329A2077               DN65法兰三通水阀

V5329A2085               DN80法兰三通水阀

V5050A2088               DN100法兰三通水阀

FT6961-18                  防冻开关

GD250W4NB              一氧化碳传感器

TR21/U                      室内温度传感器

TR21-H/U                  室内温湿度传感器

VF20-1B54NW           水管温度传感器

WB150                       水管温度传感器套管

TB7980A1006/U                             温度控制器 

50014157-001/U                            风管温度传感器,NTC 10K

V5011N1040/U                              DN15螺纹二通水阀

V5011N1057/U                              DN20螺纹二通水阀

V5211F2010                                  DN80螺纹二通蒸汽阀

V5328A2003                                  DN50法兰二通蒸汽阀

V5013N1063/U                              DN25螺纹三通水阀

V5050A2106                                  DN125法兰三通水阀

V5050A2114                                DN150法兰三通水阀

V5328A1061                                  DN65法兰二通水阀